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Workbox v3.5.0

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@jeffposnick jeffposnick released this 11 Sep 15:21

馃帀 What's New?

More customization when generating a service worker

Developers who use Workbox to generate their service worker (using the CLI, Node interface, or webpack plugin) can now take advantage of some additional options:

  • Setting offlineGoogleAnalytics: true will automatically add code to initialize Workbox's offline Google Analytics support in the generated service worker.

  • Both fetchOptions and matchOptions can now be used when configuring a runtimeCaching route, and those values will be passed through when constructing the corresponding Workbox caching strategy. Many thanks to @peterjosling for contributing this in #1608.

  • Using a custom plugin within a runtimeCaching route is now possible, thanks to enhancements made by @tsirlucas in #1598.

Here's a snippet of Workbox's build configuration, showing off all of the new features:

  // ... other options ...
  offlineGoogleAnalytics: true,
  runtimeCaching: {[
    urlPattern: /abc/,
    handler: 'staleWhileRevalidate',
    options: {
      fetchOptions: {
        mode: 'no-cors',
      matchOptions: {
        ignoreSearch: true,
      plugins: [{
        cacheDidUpdate: async ({cacheName, request, oldResponse, newResponse}) => {
          // Do something in your custom plugin.

Support for the PATCH method in Workbox's router

Developers who need to match HTTP PATCH requests using Workbox's router can now do so, thanks to @kevin-brotcke's change in #1618.

Note that non-GET requests can't be added to a cache, so this is most useful when used alongside a network-only strategy configured with the Workbox background sync plugin, in order to retry failed PATCH requests once the network becomes available.

workbox.core.registerQuotaErrorCallback is now publicly visible

Due to a scoping error, the workbox.core.registerQuotaErrorCallback() function was previously not exposed. This is now public, matching the documented interface. Thanks to @Tronil for pointing out this discrepancy in #1616.

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