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Keyboard Master List

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Global Hotkeys

Any Mode


Feature Command
Clear selection esc
Hide Toolbar cmd+/ or cmd+.
Delete delete
Copy cmd+c
Cut cmd+x
Paste cmd+v
Duplicate cmd+d
Group cmd+g
Ungroup cmd+shift+g
Expand selection cmd+e
Expand and select all cmd+shift+e

Drag & Drop image/background-image replacement works best by selecting the elements first, let's you drop your images anywhere in the window. You can directly drag and drog images to swap them as well.


Feature Command
Next Sibling tab
Previous Sibling shift+tab
Jump into div and select first child enter
Jump out of div and select first child shift+enter


Feature Command
Copy styles cmd+opt+c
Paste styles cmd+opt+v
Remove inline styles alt+delete

All Tools

Feature Command
Guides g
Inspect i
Accessibility x
Move v
Margin m
Padding p
Align a
Hueshift h
Shadow d
Position l
Typography f
Text Editing t
Search s

Within each tool shift+/ aka (?) a little trainer is available to help you learn how it works

todo: each tool's contextual modifiers/hotkeys/tricks

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