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Demo: Device class aware resource loading in React.js

Live Demo

A demo showing how to use device class aware resource loading in React.js.

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.


git clone
cd cra-device-class-aware-code-splitting

local development

npm install  
npm run dev

production build

npm install  
npm run build
npm run server


It is to UA(user agent) match and try to determine the characteristics of the device based on that. e.g if you detect I am on a "Pixel 2", a look-up of the device hardware from a service could let you know details about my CPU. We can find out device model name with the help of DeviceAtlas (basically by parsing UA) and pair that up with a static (e.g device.json) JSON merge of (Android and iOS) to do a "closet match" check against the "name" field in that JSON using string-similarity or get-closest because there might be a slight difference in the device model names between DeviceAtlas and Geekbench Browser.


This demo relies on the DeviceAtlas API for device detection and on the Geekbench Browser JSON data for device's CPU and Compute performance detection of Android and iOS.

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