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anton-karlovskiy and addyosmani [core] Next Episode V2 (#103)
* removed hardcoded hooks and installed react-adaptive-loading package

* upload next tv show app and configured firebase deployment

* configured custom server and fixed http redirection in tmdb api

* added licences

* implemented show page with seasons and episodes

* updated debugging option position

* implemented stats in show page

* implemented loading effect on episodes fetching

* removed local firebase deployment configuration

* improved test option ui on mobile view

* updated seasons and episodes ui on mobile view

* implemented home link in tv show app

* updated theme approach with react context

* showed 2 columns on mobile view

* improved view on mobile for episodes and seasons

* implemented back link

* added missing licenses

* upgraded CNA version for compatibility with tv show app

* updated cna-memory-considerate-animation with react-adaptive-hooks supported on server side rendering

* linked credit source to the repo

* added inspired link to README

* implemented a separator between top nav links

* removed lazyloading fallback for testing effect on firefox

* uninstalled lazysizes

* updated configuration for build an clean

* updated docs and configuration for build and clean

updated microsite for next-show-adaptive-loading

* implemented debugging links at the bottom of pages

* added licence

* tweaked for link debugging with adaptive-loading domain prefix

* [docs] Add WPT comparison for Next Episode

Co-authored-by: Addy Osmani <>
Latest commit 71aed19 Dec 20, 2019


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Demo: CPU considerate considerate code-splitting with React

Live Demo

A demo showing how to use CPU (hardware-concurrency) considerate code-splitting in React.js. This demo will conditionally load a static product image when in a "Slow CPU" mode or a product view with magnifier when on a higher-end device.

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.


git clone
cd cra-hardware-concurrency-considerate-code-splitting
npm install
npm start
npm run build
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