A polyfill for the CSS Paint API, with special browser optimizations.
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Houdini's CSS Paint Polyfill npm

This is a polyfill for the CSS Paint API.

Performance is quite good in Firefox and Safari courtesy of -webkit-canvas() and -moz-element(). For the remaining browsers, framerate is governed by Canvas toDataURL() / toBlob() speed.

CSS Paint Polyfill demo


<script src="css-paint-polyfill.js"></script>
<!-- or: -->
<script src="https://unpkg.com/css-paint-polyfill/dist/css-paint-polyfill.js"></script>

Or with a bundler:

import 'css-paint-polyfill';

... or with ES Modules on the web:



  • Add second options argument to addModule() (spec)
  • Extract addModule() into its own repo (spec)