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Create credential files

  • Create a serviceAccountKey.json file in the root folder and add your service account credentials from the Google Developer Console.

  • Create a OAuth web app credentials file in the Google Developer Console and add it to the root folder. It should be named google_oauth_credentials.json..

  • Create twitter_credentials.json in the root folder and fill it with the API key, consumer key/secret obtained from Twitter.

  • Create analyticsServiceAccountKey.json in the root folder and fill it with service account credentials that are restricted to use the Google Analytics Core Reporting API.


Setup it up:


Build it:

yarn build

Run it

Serve it:

yarn start-dev

Navigate to http://localhost:8080/. The page will update in realtime as people add posts. The start-dev script will reload nunjucks as changes are made.

Navigate to http://localhost:8080/ssr will serve the server-side rendered version of the app using headless Chrome.

Signing in (top of the page) allows admins to remove posts submitted by humans (not bot posts like RSS or Tweets). The first time you try to remove a post, you'll sign in through Google's OAuth flow.


To deploy:

yarn deploy


A companion chrome extension is available to share posts on the feed you find interesting and which are not automatically pulled in. Things like gists, release notes, samples, external articles).

Note: The first time you share an URL, an OAuth popup will open asking you to login. This is so we know who added the post.

Apache 2.0 © 2018 Google Inc.