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Unfortunately, due to a few people leaving the team, and staffing issues resulting from the current economic climate (ugh), I'm deprecating the CLI and libsquoosh parts of Squoosh. The web app will continue to be supported and improved. I know that sucks, but there simply isn't the time & people to work on this. If anyone from the community wants to fork it, you have my blessing.
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Squoosh is an image compression web app that reduces image sizes through numerous formats.


Squoosh does not send your image to a server. All image compression processes locally.

However, Squoosh utilizes Google Analytics to collect the following:

  • Basic visitor data.
  • The before and after image size value.
  • If Squoosh PWA, the type of Squoosh installation.
  • If Squoosh PWA, the installation time and date.


To develop for Squoosh:

  1. Clone the repository
  2. To install node packages, run:
    npm install
  3. Then build the app by running:
    npm run build
  4. After building, start the development server by running:
    npm run dev


Squoosh is an open-source project that appreciates all community involvement. To contribute to the project, follow the contribute guide.