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# This file contains all available configuration options
# with their default values.
# options for analysis running
# default concurrency is a available CPU number
concurrency: 4
# timeout for analysis, e.g. 30s, 5m, default is 1m
deadline: 5m
# exit code when at least one issue was found, default is 1
issues-exit-code: 1
# include test files or not, default is true
tests: true
# list of build tags, all linters use it. Default is empty list.
# which dirs to skip: they won't be analyzed;
# can use regexp here: generated.*, regexp is applied on full path;
# default value is empty list, but next dirs are always skipped independently
# from this option's value:
# vendor$, third_party$, testdata$, examples$, Godeps$, builtin$
# which files to skip: they will be analyzed, but issues from them
# won't be reported. Default value is empty list, but there is
# no need to include all autogenerated files, we confidently recognize
# autogenerated files. If it's not please let us know.
modules-download-mode: vendor
# output configuration options
# colored-line-number|line-number|json|tab|checkstyle, default is "colored-line-number"
format: colored-line-number
# print lines of code with issue, default is true
print-issued-lines: true
# print linter name in the end of issue text, default is true
print-linter-name: true
- megacheck
- govet
- golint
- interfacer
- unconvert
- dupl
- goconst
- gocyclo
- goimports
- maligned
- megacheck
- misspell
- unparam
- nakedret
# This turns off the default excludes - which was causing the linter
# to miss things like erroneous comments
exclude-use-default: false
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