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Fleet Autoscaler Specification

A FleetAutoscaler's job is to automatically scale up and down a Fleet in response to demand.

A full FleetAutoscaler specification is available below and in the example folder for reference :

apiVersion: ""
kind: FleetAutoscaler
  name: fleet-autoscaler-example

  fleetName: fleet-example
    type: Buffer
      bufferSize: 5
      minReplicas: 10
      maxReplicas: 20

Since Agones defines a new Custom Resources Definition (CRD) we can define a new resource using the kind FleetAutoscaler with the custom group and API version v1alpha1.

The spec field is the actual FleetAutoscaler specification and it is composed as follows:

  • fleetName is name of the fleet to attach to and control. Must be an existing Fleet in the same namespace as this FleetAutoscaler.
  • policy is the autoscaling policy
    • type is type of the policy. For now, only "Buffer" is available
    • buffer parameters of the buffer policy
      • bufferSize is the size of a buffer of "ready" game server instances The FleetAutoscaler will scale the fleet up and down trying to maintain this buffer, as instances are being allocated or terminated it can be specified either in absolute (i.e. 5) or percentage format (i.e. 5%)
      • minReplicas is the minimum fleet size to be set by this FleetAutoscaler. if not specified, the minimum fleet size will be bufferSize
      • maxReplicas is the maximum fleet size that can be set by this FleetAutoscaler. Required.