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Process to become an reviewer/approver on Agones.

This is a first draft of a process for adding more reviewers to the this project.

Outlines requirements for consideration, as well as responsibilities.

Feedback much appreciated!
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@@ -52,6 +52,11 @@ build system.
See the [Container Builder documentation]( for more details on
how to edit and expand the build process.
## Becoming an Approver on Agones
If you are interested in becoming an Approver on the Agones project and getting commit access to the
repository, we have a [community membership guide](./docs/governance/, that outlines the process.
### Additional Resources
#### Extending Kubernetes
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# Community Membership
This document outlines the responsibilities of contributor roles in Agones.
This is based on the [Kubernetes Community Membership](
There are currently only one role for this project, but that may grow in the future.
| Role | Responsibilities | Requirements | Defined by |
| -----| ---------------- | ------------ | -------|
| approver | review and approve contributions | sponsored by 2 reviewers. multiple contributions to the project. | Commit access to the Agones repository |
## New contributors
New contributors should be welcomed to the community by existing members,
helped with PR workflow, and directed to relevant documentation and
communication channels.
## Established community members
Established community members are expected to demonstrate their adherence to the
principles in this document, familiarity with project organization, roles,
policies, procedures, conventions, etc., and technical and/or writing ability.
Role-specific expectations, responsibilities, and requirements are enumerated
## Approvers
Code approvers are able to both review and approve code contributions. While
code review is focused on code quality and correctness, approval is focused on
holistic acceptance of a contribution including: backwards / forwards
compatibility, adhering to API and flag conventions, subtle performance and
correctness issues, interactions with other parts of the system, etc.
**Defined by:** Commit access to the Agones repository.
**Note:** Acceptance of code contributions requires at least one approver.
### Requirements
- Enabled [two-factor authentication](
on their GitHub account
- Have made multiple contributions to Agones. Contribution must include:
- Authored at least 3 PRs on Github
- Provided reviews on at least 4 PRs they did not author
- Filing or commenting on issues on GitHub
- Have read the [contributor guide](../../
- Sponsored by 2 approvers. **Note the following requirements for sponsors**:
- Sponsors must have close interactions with the prospective member - e.g. code/design/proposal review, coordinating
on issues, etc.
- Sponsors must be from multiple companies to demonstrate integration across community.
- **[Open an issue](./templates/ against the Agones repo**
- Ensure your sponsors are @mentioned on the issue
- Label the issue with the `meta` tag
- Complete every item on the checklist ([preview the current version of the template](./templates/
- Make sure that the list of contributions included is representative of your work on the project.
- Have your sponsoring approvers reply confirmation of sponsorship: `+1`
### Responsibilities and privileges
- Responsible for project quality control via code reviews
- Focus on code quality and correctness, including testing and factoring
- May also review for more holistic issues, but not a requirement
- Expected to be responsive to review requests in a timely manner
- Assigned PRs to review related based on expertise
- Granted commit access to Agones repo
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### GitHub Username
e.g. (at)example_user
### Requirements
- [ ] I have enabled 2FA on my GitHub account (
- [ ] I have read the [contributor guide](../../
- [ ] I am actively contributing to Agones
- [ ] I have two sponsors that meet the sponsor requirements listed in the community membership guidelines
- [ ] I have spoken to my sponsors ahead of this application, and they have agreed to sponsor my application
### Sponsors
- (at)sponsor-1
- (at)sponsor-2
### List of contributions to the Agones project
- PRs reviewed / authored
- Issues responded to

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