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markmandel Cleanup Xonotic image
Several small tweaks:
- Remove server registration with public registry
- Switch to Docker build image model
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Dockerfile Cleanup Xonotic image Mar 15, 2019
fleetautoscaler.yaml FleetAutoscaler Oct 3, 2018
gameserver.yaml Cleanup Xonotic image Mar 15, 2019
gameserverallocation.yaml Remove deprecation from FleetAllocation Feb 20, 2019
main.go Fix Xonotic example race condition Jun 14, 2018
server.cfg Cleanup Xonotic image Mar 15, 2019

Xonotic Example

Example using a Xonotic dedicated game server.

This example wraps the Xonotic server with a Go binary, and introspects stdout to provide the event hooks for the SDK integration.

It is not a direct integration, but is an approach for to integrate with existing dedicated game servers.

You will need to download the Xonotic client separately to play.

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