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VM Engines Sudoku Java Sample

This is a tutorial in Java showing how to :

  • make and deploy a simple hello world app with either maven or gradle.
  • use servlet 3.1 to make a file upload frontend
  • use objectify to store results in the datastore
  • use memcache to optimize the accesses to the datastore
  • customize your runtime to use a native dependency

tutorial steps

Simple startup Hello world app:

git checkout master

Simple frontend with the with datastore and memcache TODOs:

git checkout textbased

Simple frontend with the with datastore and memcache Done:

git checkout textbased-done

Complete application with VM customization TODOs:

git checkout docker

Complete application:

git checkout complete

Maven usage

To run in local Managed VM:

mvn clean install appengine:gcloud_app_run

To deploy to VM enabled project:

mvn -Dgcloud.project=YOUR_PROJECT appengine:gcloud_app_deploy

[Alternative] Gradle usage

To watch code changes and automatically compile:

gradle watch

To start the local development server (it will pick up the changes generated by watch automatically):

gradle run

To deploy on App Engine:

gradle deploy

To compile manually once:


To trigger the unit tests:

gradle test