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Useful scripts, udfs, views, and other utilities for migration and data warehouse operations in BigQuery.
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ryanmcdowell and freedomofnet Add INITCAP & INSTR Teradata Functions (#20)
* Add random_value function

* Add initcap and instr Teradata functions

* Add trailing newline to new files

* Fix error with incorrect expr reference in initcap

* Fix styling issues in instr.sql
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BigQuery Utils

BigQuery is a serverless, highly-scalable, and cost-effective cloud data warehouse with an in-memory BI Engine and machine learning built in. This repository provides useful utilities to assist you in migration and usage of BigQuery.

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Getting Started

This repository is broken up into:

  • Scripts - Python, Shell, & SQL scripts
    • billing - Example queries over the GCP billing export
  • UDFs - User-defined functions for common usage as well as migration
    • community - Community contributed user-defined functions
    • teradata - UDFs which mimic the behavior of proprietary functions in Teradata
  • Views - Views over system tables such as audit logs or the INFORMATION_SCHEMA
    • query_audit - View to simplify querying the audit logs which can be used to power dashboards (example).

Public UDFs

All UDFs within this repository will be automatically created under the bqutil project under publicly shared datasets. Queries can then reference the shared UDFs via bqutil.<dataset>.<function>().

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See the contributing instructions to get started contributing.


All solutions within this repository are provided under the Apache 2.0 license. Please see the LICENSE file for more detailed terms and conditions.


This repository and its contents are not an official Google Product.

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