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Official "Deploying to Firebase" Docs

This build step invokes firebase commands that can be used in Google Cloud Build.

You can find the official Google Cloud guide for this build processor here.

Arguments passed to this builder will be passed to firebase directly, allowing callers to run any firebase command.


The Firebase CLI can be authenticated in Cloud Build by one of two methods:

  1. IAM Roles (preferred) - grant Firebase IAM roles to the Cloud Build service account.
  2. Firebase CLI Token - use a CI token to authorize the Firebase CLI to act as an admin user.

With IAM roles

Ensure you have the following APIs enabled

  1. Cloud Resource Manager API
  2. Firebase Management API

Add permission to the cloudbuilder

  • Open Cloud Build service account settings
  • Give the Cloud Build service account the Firebase Admin role:

service account settings

With Token

Ensure you have the following APIs enabled

  1. Cloud Resource Manager API
  2. Firebase Management API
  3. Firebase Hosting API
  4. Cloud Key Management Service (KMS) API (Click "setup" or "enable API")

Get the firebase token

This command will generate a new CI token that will be encrypted by the KMS to be used within the CLI

firebase login:ci

This will print your token on screen after login. Once done use the below command to set it to $TOKEN variable, which is used by the commands below to encrypt it.


Create the secret on GCP

This step will encrypt the token via KMS. Remember to replace GENERATED_TOKEN in the text

#### create a keyring for cloudbuilder-related keys
gcloud kms keyrings create cloudbuilder --location global

#### create a key for the firebase token
gcloud kms keys create firebase-token --location global --keyring cloudbuilder --purpose encryption

#### create the encrypted token
echo -n $TOKEN | gcloud kms encrypt \
  --plaintext-file=- \
  --ciphertext-file=- \
  --location=global \
  --keyring=cloudbuilder \
  --key=firebase-token | base64

Use the encrypted key

The encrypted key (output from previous command) can now simply be used within the cloudbuilder configuration file like so:

Note that you need to specify [PROJECT_ID] directly instead of using $PROJECT_ID within secrets

- kmsKeyName: 'projects/[PROJECT_ID]/locations/global/keyRings/cloudbuilder/cryptoKeys/firebase-token'


See examples in the examples subdirectory.