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This is a tool builder to simply invoke bq commands.

Arguments passed to this builder will be passed to bq directly, allowing callers to run any bq command.

When executed in the Cloud Build environment, commands are executed with credentials of the builder service account for the project.

The latest available version of bq is used.


The following examples demonstrate build request that use this builder:

For these to work, the builder service account must have permission to create tables on the test dataset.

Load a BigQuery table from a local file

This cloudbuild.yaml invokes bq load to load a table from a file in the build's workspace.

- name:
  args: ['load', 'my_dataset.my_table', 'local-file.csv', 'local-schema.json']

Save query results to destination table

This cloudbuild.yaml invokes bq query to run a query and write results to a BigQuery table.

- name:
  - query
  - --use_legacy_sql=false
  - --destination_table=test_dataset.bobs_from_builder
  - >
    SELECT SUM(number) AS total_bobs, year
    FROM `bigquery-public-data.usa_names.usa_1910_current`
    WHERE name = 'Bob'
    GROUP BY year

Building this builder

To build and test this builder the builder service account must have permissions to create BigQuery query jobs for the project, such as with the BigQuery User Role.

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