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This builder runs the container-diff tool, which can analyze and diff images in a remote repository or in a local daemon.

This can be useful in debugging differences between images, and can help produce release notes on new image releases.

Building this image

To build this image and push it to your project's registry, run the following command from within the container-diff directory:

gcloud builds submit . --config=cloudbuild.yaml

This image is built using the bazel builder and Bazel's rules_docker support.

The image is based on an Ubuntu base image and contains the latest release of the container-diff static binary.

Example usage

# Build a new image.
- name: ''
  args: ['build', '-t', '$PROJECT/image', '.']
# Diff the local image against the image currently in the remote repository.
# Differences in installed apt packages (if any) will be printed to the build
# logs.
- name: '$PROJECT_ID/container-diff'
  - 'diff'
  - 'remote://$PROJECT_ID/image'
  - 'daemon://$PROJECT_ID/image'

# Push the new image.
images: ['$PROJECT_ID/image']

See the container-diff documentation for more information about additional available options.

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