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Using this builder with Google Container Engine

To use this builder, your builder service account will need IAM permissions sufficient for the operations you want to perform. For typical read-only usage, the "Kubernetes Engine Viewer" role is sufficient. To deploy container images on a GKE cluster, the "Kubernetes Engine Developer" role is sufficient. Check the GKE IAM page for details.

For most use, kubectl will need to be configured to point to a specific GKE cluster. You can configure the cluster by setting environment variables.

# Set region for regional GKE clusters or Zone for Zonal clusters
CLOUDSDK_COMPUTE_REGION=<your cluster's region>
CLOUDSDK_COMPUTE_ZONE=<your cluster's zone>

# Name of GKE cluster
CLOUDSDK_CONTAINER_CLUSTER=<your cluster's name>

# (Optional) Project of GKE Cluster, only if you want kustomize to authenticate
# to a GKE cluster in another project (requires IAM Service Accounts are properly setup)
GCLOUD_PROJECT=<destination cluster's GCP project>

Setting the environment variables above will cause this step's entrypoint to first run a command to fetch cluster credentials as follows.

gcloud container clusters get-credentials --zone "$CLOUDSDK_COMPUTE_ZONE" "$CLOUDSDK_CONTAINER_CLUSTER"`

Then, kubectl and consequently kustomize will have the configuration needed to talk to your GKE cluster.

Firing the shot

The default entrypoint will automatically apply your build via kubectl apply -f - if you set the env APPLY=true. Thus, you can run:

- id: deploy
  name: '$PROJECT_ID/mortar'
  - 'fire'
  - 'deployment.yaml'
  - 'myshot'
    - 'CLOUDSDK_COMPUTE_ZONE=us-west1'
    - 'GCLOUD_PROJECT=compound-dev'

Building this builder

To build this builder, run the following command in this directory.

$ gcloud builds submit . --config=cloudbuild.yaml
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