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Pelican, Static Site Generator, for Google Cloud Build

Builder for the Pelican Static Site Generator

Arguments passed to this builder will be passed to pelican directly.

Quick Start

  1. Build this image and add it to your gcr repo
$ git clone
$ cd cloud-builders/pelican
$ gcloud builds submit .
  1. Add the steps to your project's cloudbuild.yaml
$ cd my-project
$ cat >> cloudbuild.yaml
- name:$PROJECT_ID/pelican
  args: ['content', '-o', 'output', '-s', '']
  1. Submit a manual build of your project to Cloud Build
$ cd my-project
$ gcloud builds submit .

At this point you can automate the build using triggers via GCP Repos or Github

Complete Example With Deployment to Firebase Hosting

see firebase builder for Firebase configuration instructions

  1. Sync images from Storage to build environment
  2. Pelican Build
  3. Deploy via Firebase
- name:
  args: ['-m', 'cp', '-r', 'gs://', 'content']
- name:$PROJECT_ID/pelican
  args: ['content', '-o', 'output', '-s', '']
- name:$PROJECT_ID/firebase
  args: ['deploy']
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