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Container Builder Remote Build Step


Architecture Diagram

Some continuous integration workloads require special builder types. You may require things like:

  1. High CPU/Memory machines
  2. Custom image
  3. GPUs attached
  4. Fast or large disks
  5. Machines in a particular network
  6. Pre-emptibility

In these cases you can leverage Container Builder to trigger your builds and manage their workflow but run the actual build steps on an instance with exactly the configuration you need.


When using the remote-builder image, the following will happen:

  1. A temporary SSH key will be created in your Container Builder workspace
  2. A instance will be launched with your configured flags
  3. The workpace will be copied to the remote instance
  4. Your command will be run inside that instance's workspace
  5. The workspace will be copied back to your Container Builder workspace


In order to use this step, first build the builder:

gcloud builds submit --config=cloudbuild.yaml .

Then, create an appropriate IAM role with permissions to create and destroy Compute Engine instances in this project:

export PROJECT=$(gcloud info --format='value(config.project)')
export PROJECT_NUMBER=$(gcloud projects describe $PROJECT --format 'value(projectNumber)')
export CB_SA_EMAIL=$
gcloud services enable
gcloud services enable
gcloud projects add-iam-policy-binding $PROJECT --member=serviceAccount:$CB_SA_EMAIL --role='roles/iam.serviceAccountUser' --role='roles/compute.instanceAdmin.v1' --role='roles/iam.serviceAccountActor'

Then, configure your build step as follows:

- name:$PROJECT_ID/remote-builder
    - COMMAND=ls -la

This will launch an instance with the default parameters and then run the command ls -la inside the instance's workspace.


The following options are configurable via environment variables passed to the build step in the env parameter:

Options Description Default
COMMAND Command to run inside the remote workspace None, must be set
USERNAME Username to use when logging into the instance via SSH admin
REMOTE_WORKSPACE Location on remote host to use as workspace /home/${USERNAME}/workspace/
INSTANCE_NAME Name of the instance that is launched builder-$UUID
ZONE Compute zone to launch the instance in us-central1-f
INSTANCE_ARGS Parameters to the instance creation command. For a full list run gcloud compute instances create --help --preemptible

To give it a try, see the examples directory.

This is not an official Google product.


  1. Paying for builder + VM
  2. Spin up time of VM increases build time
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