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Sonarqube Scanning

This builder allows you to run static code analysis using Sonarqube on your code.

Building this builder

Run the command below to build this builder

gcloud builds submit . --config=cloudbuild.yaml

Testing the example

Before you can run the example. Perform following steps

  • Login to with your github account
  • Create a token by navigating to Account page then click on security tab
  • Next we need to use "Analyze New Project" option to set up project in sonarcloud. Note: Use setup manually option
  • Note down the token you created, project key and the organization name
  • Specify those values in the cloudbuild.yaml in examples

Running the analysis

To perform the static code analysis on the example go project, run the command below

gcloud builds submit . --config=cloudbuild.yaml

This builder should work with other Sonarqube servers. If you decide to use this with a different sonar server rather than the sonarcloud, just specify arg along with login and password to authenticate with the sonar server if you are not using token based auth.

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