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bendory Upgrade to Docker 18.09.6. (#492)
* Docker upgrade.

Added 18.09.6.
Removed 18.09.0 and 18.06.1.

* Rev to 18.09.6.

* Update
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Dockerfile-18.09.6 Upgrade to Docker 18.09.6. (#492) May 19, 2019 Upgrade to Docker 18.09.6. (#492) May 19, 2019
cloudbuild.yaml Upgrade to Docker 18.09.6. (#492) May 19, 2019


This is a tool builder to simply invoke docker commands.

Arguments passed to this builder will be passed to docker directly, allowing callers to run any Docker command.

GCR Credentials

The Docker build step is automatically set up with credentials for your Cloud Build Service Account. These permissions are sufficient to interact directly with GCR.


The following examples demonstrate build requests that use this builder:

Build and push a container image

This cloudbuild.yaml simply invokes docker build and pushes the resulting image.

- name:
  args: ['build', '-t', '$PROJECT_ID/myimage', '.']
images: ['$PROJECT_ID/myimage']

Retag an image and push the new tag

This cloudbuild.yaml adds a new tag (:newtag) to an existing image (:oldtag) and pushes that tag.

- name:
  args: ['tag',
images: ['$PROJECT_ID/myimage:newtag']

Run a Docker image

This cloudbuild.yaml runs a Docker image. The step will complete when the container exits. If the image runs too long, the build may time out.

- name:
  args: ['run', '$PROJECT_ID/myimage']

Older Versions

Since Docker CLI changes may not be backward-compatible, tagged versions of this builder remain available for several previously-supported versions:

  • (:latest)
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