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Tool builder:

This Cloud Build builder runs the dotnet SDK CLI.

You might also consider using an official microsoft/dotnet:sdk image and specifying the dotnet entrypoint:

- name: microsoft/dotnet:sdk
  entrypoint: dotnet
  args: ['build']

The image provides the latest released version of the dotnet CLI, exactly what's tagged as microsoft/dotnet:sdk. To use another version of the tool, specify a tagged image with that version, e.g.:

- name: microsoft/dotnet:1.1-sdk
  entrypoint: dotnet
  args: ['build']

Any arguments passed to this builder will be passed directly to the dotnet tool. Note that when using the dotnet restore command you should always specify the --packages option to a path within the /workspace, this way the restored packages will be available to the next invocations of dotnet.

Building this Container Build step

To build this builder, run the following command on this directory:

gcloud builds submit --config=./cloudbuild.yaml
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