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This is a tool builder to simply invoke gcloud commands.

Arguments passed to this builder will be passed to gcloud directly, allowing callers to run any gcloud command.

When executed in the Cloud Build environment, commands are executed with credentials of the builder service account for the project.

The latest released version of gcloud is used.


The following examples demonstrate build request that use this builder:

Clone a Cloud Source Repository using gcloud

This cloudbuild.yaml invokes gcloud source repos clone to clone the default Cloud Source Repository.

- name:
  args: ['source', 'repos', 'clone', 'default']

gcloud vs gcloud-slim

There are two variants of the gcloud builder:

  • gcloud installs all optional gcloud components, and is much larger.
  • gcloud-slim installs only the gcloud CLI and no components, and is smaller.

Both images are cached on Cloud Build VMs, so the size of the image should not matter in most cases when running in that environment. However, in other environments where images are not cached, you may find that a smaller builder image is faster to pull, and might be preferrable to the larger "kitchen sink" gcloud builder image.

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