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Plugin to support the Google Cloud Platform in IntelliJ IDEA - Docs and Issues Repository
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Cloud Code for IntelliJ

Cloud Code

Cloud Code for IntelliJ is a plugin that helps facilitates cloud-native development in the JetBrains family of IDEs. The plugin adds support for Kubernetes applications, as well as support for various Google Cloud Platform products.


Supported Platforms

The Cloud Code for IntelliJ plugin supports JetBrains IDEs version 2018.2+:

For GCP functionality, full support is available for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition, with limited support for the other platforms. See this feature matrix for more details.


You can find our plugin in the Jetbrains plugin repository by going to IntelliJ -> Settings -> Browse Repositories, and search for Cloud Code.


  • Learn More: Learn more about the Cloud Code Project and what it has to offer.
  • Documentation: Visit our official documentation to learn more.
  • Kubernetes Sample Applications: Starter applications for working with Kubernetes; available in Java, Node, Python, and Go.
  • File an Issue: If you discover an issue please file a bug and we will address it.
  • Request a Feature: If you have any feature requests, please file a request.


The pre-release binaries are being deployed to the Jetbrains plugin repository on an alpha channel. To install them please perform the following steps:

  1. Install the Cloud Code plugin
    1. Copy this URL
    2. Use the copied URL as the Custom Plugin URL when following these instrucions
    3. Search for the 'Cloud Code' plugin and install it.

You can also grab the latest nightly build of the plugin by following the same steps as above but replacing 'alpha' with 'nightly' in the URLs.


See the Cloud Code Kubernetes FAQ.

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