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Cloud Operations Sandbox is an open source collection of tools that helps practitioners to learn O11y and R9y practices from Google and apply them using Cloud Operations suite of tools.



📈 📊 👣 🪵 Cloud Operations Sandbox

Cloud Operations (Ops) Sandbox is an end-to-end demo that helps practitioners to learn about Cloud Operations (formerly Stackdriver) and Service Reliability Engineering practices from Google.

Sandbox is composed of the Online Boutique microservice demo application and a collection of various observability instruments. It offers:

  • Study running a microservice application on GKE
  • Monitor application's behavior using various system and application metrics displayed on per-service dashboards
  • Explore Uptime checks, Service SLOs and other instruments of Cloud Operations suite of Google Cloud
  • Experiment with created observability instruments and build new ones
  • Run quick labs using Sandbox Recipes (🚧 temporary unavailable)

Warning Check discontinued functionality for the list of functions that are no longer supported or changed in the recent versions.

Using Cloud Ops Sandbox

Cloud Ops Sandbox runs on Google Cloud. To use it you will need a Google Cloud account with an access to create a new GCP project or to provision resource on the existing GCP project.


You can launch Cloud Ops Sandbox using Cloud Shell button below and following walkthrough instructions:

Launch in Cloud Shell

Or, you can launch it on your workstation. To run it locally you will need to make sure that the following software is available:

And to have a Google Cloud project where you want to launch Cloud Ops Sandbox. After that, run the following commands while replacing PROJECT_ID with your project ID:

git clone
gcloud auth application-default login
cloud-ops-sandbox/provisioning/sandboxctl create -p PROJECT_ID

These commands will clone this repo to your local environment's current directory, acquire authentication toke for Terraform and launch Cloud Ops Sandbox with default settings. The script will prompt you for additional information.

You can learn more about customized options by running:

cloud-ops-sandbox/provisioning/sandboxctl -h

Use Cloud Ops Sandbox

Read more about Cloud Ops Sandbox and how to use it in the documentation.

Discontinued Functionality

The following functionality has been changed in the recent versions of Cloud Ops Sandbox:

Version 0.9.2

  • Rating service is not a part of the demo application. It has the following effects:
    • Launch does not provision AppEngine services and CloudSQL DB.
    • Sandbox does not define a window-based SLO.
    • SLO recipe that uses the rating service will not be available.
  • One-click installation is no longer available. Users will use sandboxctl CLI tool to create and delete Sandbox. Users can leverage the walkthrough tutorial for launch instructions.
  • Starting this version, Sandbox does not create custom Cloud Shell images.
  • Starting this version, launch will not create a new Google Cloud project. Users will have to provide a project ID to host Sandbox as a parameter to CLI.
  • [Website] will be retired at the end of 2023 Summer. Until that time, it will provide a link to launch version 0.8.2 of Sandbox.
  • This version uses version 0.6.0 of Online Boutique. The load generator in this version does not expose GUI. As a result, it is not possible to customize the artificant load on the demo application. Follow up GoogleCloudPlatform/microservices-demo#1692 to track the progress.
  • SRE recipe functionality is temporary removed. Follow up #1009 to track the progress.

Legacy version (0.8) of Cloud Ops Sandbox

The legacy version (0.8.2) is no longer supported. You still should be able to deploy it by pressing

Launch in Cloud Shell

Code of Conduct

Please see the code of conduct


Please see the contributing guidelines


This product and Online Boutique application, its code and assets are licensed under Apache 2.0. Full license text is available in LICENSE.

Note This is not an official Google project. Please, report any issues or feature requests related to this project here.