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Let users deploy your GitHub repos to Google Cloud Run with a single click
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Cloud Run Button

If you have a public repository, you can add this button to your and let anyone deploy your application to Google Cloud Run with a single click.

Try it out with a simple web server (source):

Run on Google Cloud


  1. Copy & paste this markdown:

    [![Run on Google Cloud](](
  2. Replace YOUR_HTTP_GIT_URL with your HTTP git URL, like:

  3. Make sure the repository has a Dockerfile, so it can be built using the docker build command.

Customizing deployment parameters

If you include an app.json at the root of your repository, it allows you customize the experience such as defining an alternative service name, or prompting for additional environment variables.

For example:

  "name": "foo-app",
  "env": {
          "description": "specify a css color",
          "value": "#fefefe",
          "required": false
      "TITLE": {
          "description": "title for your site"


  • name: (optional, default: repo name, or sub-directory name if specified) Name of the Cloud Run service and the built container image. Not validated for naming restrictions.
  • env: (optional) Prompt user for environment variables.
    • description: (optional) short explanation of what the environment variable does, keep this short to make sure it fits into a line.
    • value: (optional) default value for the variable, should be a string.
    • required, (optional, default: true) indicaes if they user must provide a value for this variable.


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