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Cloud Vision API Python samples

This directory contains Cloud Vision API Python samples and utilities.


You must have Python and pip installed.

Some of the samples require additional setup, which their READMEs will specify.


Face Detection

See the face detection tutorial in the docs.

Python Code

Label Detection

See the label detection tutorial in the docs.

Python Code

Label Tagging Using Kubernetes

Awwvision is a Kubernetes and Cloud Vision API sample that uses the Vision API to classify (label) images from Reddit's /r/aww subreddit, and display the labelled results in a web application.

Documentation and Python Code

Text Detection Using the Vision API

This sample uses TEXT_DETECTION Vision API requests to build an inverted index from the stemmed words found in the images, and stores that index in a Redis database. The example uses the nltk (Natural Language Toolkit) library for finding stopwords and doing stemming. The resulting index can be queried to find images that match a given set of words, and to list text that was found in each matching image.

Documentation and Python Code