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Twilio Labels, aka What's That?!

What's That?! is a simple Python application that uses Twilio and the Google Cloud Vision API to let people text an image to a number and receive a response that tells them what the Vision API sees in the first image they send.

What's That?! uses a Flask server to receive text messages, query the API, and send a response to the user.


  1. Create a project in the Google Cloud Platform Console.

  2. Enable billing for your project.

  3. Enable the Vision APIs.

  4. Install the Google Cloud SDK

    	$ curl https://sdk.cloud.google.com | bash
     $ gcloud init
  5. Create and set up a Twilio account and number capable of sending and receiving MMS (make sure to whitelist your number with Twilio).

  6. Install the python requirements found in requirements.txt

     $ pip install -r requirements.txt

Test What's That?!

  1. Run the sample

     $ python whats_that.py
  2. Text an image to your Twilio number

  3. See the response!


  1. Stop the server (ctrl-c or kill the process)

  2. Delete images from Twilio using the API; you can write a script to do this