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Customizing Fluentd for GKE Sample Code

This is the sample code for the Customizing fluentd in Google Kubernetes Engine. The tutorial explains how to run a custom fluentd daemonset inside of GKE that sends logs to StackDriver.


The repository contains 4 types of artifiacts

  1. Deployment manager scripts for creating a container-engine cluster with version 1.7.4 and cloud logging turned off in gke-cluster/
  2. kubernetes manifests for deploying a test logging program and the fluentd daemonset in kubernetes/
  3. The test logging program source and dockerfile in test-logger/
  4. Convenience scripts for speeding up some of the steps in the tutorial

Contact Us

Please use issue tracker on GitHub to report any bugs, comments or questions regarding SDK development.

We welcome all usage-related questions on Stack Overflow tagged with google-cloud-kubernetes-engine.

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