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Apache Flink Initialization Action

This initialization action installs a binary release of Apache Flink on a Google Cloud Dataproc cluster. Additionally, this script will tune some basic parameters for Flink and start a Flink session running on YARN.

Using this initialization action

To use this initialization action, you will likely need to configure a few settings in the initialization action. Specifically, you shoud modify the following variables to match your desired setup:

  • SCALA_VERSION - The Scala version installed on the Cloud Dataproc cluster
  • HADOOP_VERSION - The Hadoop version installed on the Cloud Dataproc cluster
  • FLINK_VERSION - The Flink version to be installed

The SCALA_VERSION and HADOOP_VERSION will be based on the Cloud Dataproc image version you select. The NUM_WORKERS will be based on the number of workers you add to your cluster.

Once you have configured a copy of this script, you can use this initialization action to create a new Dataproc cluster with Flink installed by:

  1. Uploading a copy of the initialization action ( to Google Cloud Storage.
  2. Using the gcloud command to create a new cluster with this initialization action. The following command will create a new cluster named <CLUSTER_NAME>, specify the initialization action stored in <GCS_BUCKET>, and increase the timeout to 5 minutes.

    gcloud dataproc clusters create <CLUSTER_NAME> \
    --initialization-actions gs://<GCS_BUCKET>/   
    --initialization-action-timeout 5m
  3. Once the cluster has been created, Flink will start a session on YARN. You can log into the master node of the cluster to submit jobs to Flink. Flink is installed in /usr/lib/flink (unless you change the setting) which contains a bin directory with Flink. Note - you need to specify HADOOP_CONF_DIR=/etc/hadoop/conf before your Flink commands for them to execute properly.

For example, this command will run a word count sample (as root):

sudo su - HADOOP_CONF_DIR=/etc/hadoop/conf /usr/lib/flink/bin/flink run -m yarn-cluster examples/streaming/WordCount.jar

You can find more information about using initialization actions with Dataproc in the Dataproc documentation.

Important notes

  • This script must be updated based on which Flink version you wish you install
  • This script must be updated based on your Cloud Dataproc cluster