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Creating Projects Through Deployment Manager

This example set of templates will:

  1. Create a new project.
  2. Set the billing account on the new project.
  3. Set IAM permissions on the new project.
  4. Turn on a set of apis in the new project.
  5. Create service accounts in the new project.

There is some set up required to allow the service account under which Deployment Manager runs to be able to perform these actions. You will also need to customize the templates to set the information appropriately for your organization (eg the billing account to use).


The prerequisites to create a project via DM. You can perform these steps via the cloud console at https://console.cloud.google.com/

Permission changes can take up to 20 minutes to propagate. Sometimes propagation is much faster, but if you run commands too early you may receive errors about the user not having permissions.

  1. Create a project that will create and own the deployments.

  2. Activate the following APIs on the DM Creation Project.

    • Google Cloud Deployment Manager V2 API
    • Google Cloud Resource Manager API
    • Google Cloud Billing API
    • Google Identity and Access Management (IAM) API
    • Google Service Management API

    You may use gcloud services enable command to do this:

    gcloud services enable deploymentmanager.googleapis.com
    gcloud services enable cloudresourcemanager.googleapis.com
    gcloud services enable cloudbilling.googleapis.com
    gcloud services enable iam.googleapis.com
    gcloud services enable servicemanagement.googleapis.com
  3. Find the Cloud Services service account associated with the DM Creation Project. It will be in the form <project_number>@cloudservices.gserviceaccount.com and listed under IAM & admin in Google Cloud Console . This will be called the "DM Service Account" for the rest of these instructions.

  4. If you don't already have an Organization node under which you will create projects, then create one following these instructions.

  5. Give the DM Service Account the following permissions on the organization node:

  6. Create/find a billing account associated with the organization.

  7. Give the DM Service Account the following permissions on the Billing account:

    • 'roles/billing.user'
      • Visible in Cloud Console's IAM permissions in Billing -> Billing Account User.

Using the templates.

Once the prerequisites have been completed, projects can be created with Deployment Manager via the API or the CLI. Users SHOULD NOT use the DM Creation Project to create any other resources. It SHOULD be dedicated to project creation exclusively.

  1. Now customize the templates for your organization. You will need to:

    • Set the name of the new project you want to create. It must be unique among all project names.
    • Set the organization id.
    • Set the billing account to use.
    • Set the APIs to turn on.
    • Set the service accounts to create.
    • Set the desired IAM policy for the project.
  2. Create the project. If using the CLI:

    gcloud deployment-manager deployments create YOUR_DEPLOYMENT_NAME
    --config config.yaml

Note: Project names are globally unique, and cannot be reused. Make sure you have a good naming scheme before stamping out projects.

Shared VPC

This templates also allows you to configure the Shared VPC feature. See the full tutorial to use this feature.

For that, you need to add the following permission to the DM Service Account on the Organization node:

  • 'roles/compute.xpnAdmin'
  • Visible in the Cloud Console's IAM permissions in Compute Engine -> Compute Shared VPC Admin.

You can then create 2 projects with the config_shared_vpc.yaml file. One of the projects will be the host of the Shared VPC, and the other one will be a service project. Edit the config_shared_vpc.yaml file with your own values and create the deployment:

gcloud deployment-manager deployments create YOUR_DEPLOYMENT_NAME \
    --config config_shared_vpc.yaml