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How to pass collection_fields from api request to @query_method decorator? #89

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I am trying to implement my API so that the client can pass a '?fields=' url parameter in the api request and then I can instruct the query to build the response and return only the requested collection_fileds.

However, I don't know how to pass url parameters to the @query_method decorator; here's my code:

@Contact.query_method(query_fields=('limit', 'order', 'pageToken'),
                      collection_fields=('name', 'birthday'),
def contacts_list(self, query):
    return query

How can I pass the fields param from the request to the collection_fields= named param in the decorator?

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Can you ask this on StackOverflow and post a link to the question?

@dhermes dhermes closed this
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@catogonzalez Answered. Thanks for moving the questions. I meant to make a bug about this long ago since having fields would allow you to use projection queries and have faster response times and cheaper queries (since you would be using less data, etc.)

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