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Auth plugin allowing use the use of OAuth 2.0 credentials for Google Cloud Storage in the Boto library.
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gcs-oauth2-boto-plugin is a Python application whose purpose is to behave as an auth plugin for the boto auth plugin framework for use with OAuth 2.0 credentials for the Google Cloud Platform. This plugin is compatible with both user accounts and service accounts, and its functionality is essentially a wrapper around oauth2client with the addition of automatically caching tokens for the machine in a thread- and process-safe fashion.

For more information about how to use this plugin to access Google Cloud Storage via boto in your application, see the GCS documentation.

If you wish to use this plugin without using the PyPI install as instructed in the documentation (e.g., for development), then you will need to manually acquire the modules from the requirements.txt file.

When using this plugin, you must specify a client ID and secret. We offer the following methods for providing this information; if multiple methods are used, we will choose them in the following order:

  1. .boto config, if not set
  2. environment variables (OAUTH2_CLIENT_ID and OAUTH2_CLIENT_SECRET), if not set
  3. CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET values set by SetFallbackClientIdAndSecret function.

Service accounts are supported via key files in either JSON or .p12 format. The file is first interpreted as JSON, with .p12 format as a fallback.

The default locking mechanism used is threading.Lock. You can switch to using another locking mechanism by calling SetLock. Example:


Before submitting any code, please run the tests (e.g., by creating a new virtualenv and running the following commands from the root of this repository):

pip install -r requirements.txt
PYTHONPATH="." python -m gcs_oauth2_boto_plugin.test_oauth2_client
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