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This repository contains the sources for the following docker base images:

Usage On Container Engine

For Container Engine, you'll need to create a Dockerfile based on this image that copies your application code and installs dependencies. For example:


COPY . /go/src/app
RUN go-wrapper install

This image assumes your application listens on port 8080. To run an application based on this image inside a Kubernetes pod, you can use a Pod configuration like this:

kind: Pod
  name: app
  namespace: default
  - image: $IMAGE_NAME
    imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent
    name: app
    - containerPort: 8080
  restartPolicy: Always

Developing and testing

# Pull image
git clone ssh://
cd golang-docker

# hack hack hack

# Build
docker build -t golang ./base

# Test
curl >
bash -i golang -c test/test_config.yaml