Cannot authenticate using `private_key` and `client_email` #1173

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I am trying to connect my NodeJS application to Pub/Sub. Since the production environment is in an AWS instance, I cannot use the default credentials approach. So, my approach is to pass a credentials object with the private key and the client email:

var gcloud_config = {
    projectId: process.env.GCLOUD_PROJECT_ID,
    credentials: {
        client_email : process.env.GCLOUD_CLIENT_EMAIL,
        private_key : process.env.GCLOUD_PRIVATE_KEY

According to the docs. This variable is passed as an argument in a class constructor:

constructor(gcloud_config) {
        this.topicName = 'cerebro.TrackeableEvent';

        this.pubsub = gcloud.pubsub(gcloud_config);
        this.topic = this.pubsub.topic(this.topicName);
            autoCreate: true
        }, function(err, data) {
            console.log('err: ' + err);
            console.log('data: ' + data);

When I run locally, everything is OK. There is no err and I can publish to this.topicName. When I run on my staging environment, at AWS, I receive the error Error: Could not load the default credentials. Browse to for more information.. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I tried several combinations of the GCLOUD_PRIVATE_KEY. With and without the markers "-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----\n" and "\n-----END PRIVATE KEY-----\n".

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong that I don't know?


I guess I found the error. Tomorrow I'll check at the office.



private_key : process.env.GCLOUD_PRIVATE_KEY


private_key : process.env.GCLOUD_PRIVATE_KEY.replace(/\\n/g, '\n')
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