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Freemarker based templates that build with the gradle-appengine-plugin
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App Engine backend templates in Android Studio

You can use Google App Engine backend templates hosted in this repository to add a backend to your existing (or new) Android application from Android Studio IDE.

All of these backends are designed to be hosted on App Engine (which provides autoscaling and high-availability out-of-the-box), and can be used under App Engine's free resource quotas.

1. Usage

This repository contains three backend template types, which can be added into your Android app by navigating to "File → New Module..." menu, or by right-clicking on your project and choosing "New → Module".

Tools → Google Cloud Tools → Add App Engine Backend

In the "New Module" wizard that appears, choose "Google Cloud Module":

Add App Engine Backend Choose Module

Then choose one out of the following template types:

Add App Engine Backend Choose Template

  1. App Engine Java Servlet Module [HelloWorld]: a simple App Engine Java backend servlet with minimal boilerplate code,
  2. App Engine Java Endpoints Module [HelloEndpoints]: a backend which leverages Google Cloud Endpoints for automated object marshalling/unmarshalling, generation of strongly-typed Java client libraries and so on,
  3. App Engine Backend with Google Cloud Messaging [GcmEndpoints]: a mobile backend with Google Cloud Endpoints and Google Cloud Messaging integration, which supports more advanced features like push notifications.

For detailed instructions on how to use each of these templates to add a backend to your Android app see the individual template directories (HelloWorld, HelloEndpoints or GcmEndpoints).

2. Prerequisites

App Engine requires Java 7 SDK. You can check which SDK your project is using by navigating to "File → Project Structure...".

JDK settings in File → Project Structure...

These templates use FreeMarker (but it is not required if you are adding these templates via Android Studio).

3. Troubleshooting

If you have any problems adding these backends to your Android applications, contact us on Android Developers G+ community or write us a question on StackOverflow using google-app-engine or google-cloud-endpoints tags.

3.1. Useful links

Click on the following links to get more information about:

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