A command line tool for interacting with cloud storage services.



gsutil is a Python application that lets you access Google Cloud Storage from the command line. You can use gsutil to do a wide range of bucket and object management tasks, including:

  • Creating and deleting buckets.
  • Uploading, downloading, and deleting objects.
  • Listing buckets and objects.
  • Moving, copying, and renaming objects.
  • Editing object and bucket ACLs.


For installation instructions, please see:


Testing / Development

The gsutil source code is available at https://github.com/GoogleCloudPlatform/gsutil

Note: Currently we do not directly accept pull requests on GitHub -- see https://cloud.google.com/storage/docs/gsutil/addlhelp/ContributingCodetogsutil on how to contribute code changes.

Help and Support

Run the "gsutil help" command for a list of the built-in gsutil help topics.

You can also browse the help pages online at:


For community support, visit: