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This sample application consists of a gRPC server and client.

It is a adapted from the gRPC-Go helloworld example.

The main changes from the original version are:

  • the server returns the hostname where it runs in a gRPC header; and

  • the client prints the hostname header from the gRPC response.

This is useful for testing request routing and load balancing functionality.

When running in a Kubernetes cluster, the hostname is the name of the Kubernetes Pod that served the request.


Build container images for the gRPC client and server:

docker build client -t grpc-greeter-go-client

docker build server -t grpc-greeter-go-server

Start the server:

docker run --detach --name grpc-server --rm grpc-greeter-go-server --address :8000

Run the client and send three requests:

docker run --network container:grpc-server --rm grpc-greeter-go-client --address localhost:8000 --insecure --repeat 3

Stop the server:

docker stop grpc-server


This is not an officially supported Google product.

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