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billyjacobson Hbase client for Bigtable write samples (#1445)
* Setup mvn package and copy in existing samples and tests

* Fix style issues and ran tests

* Writing quickstart + test for Bigtable

* Updating pom with current versions

* Adding default values for the system propertiesˆ

* surefire instead of failsafe

* setup table for testing using cbt tool, retriggering test

* Removing unnecessary code from quickstart test that was causing failures

* cleaning up quickstart

* Changing test variables to use GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT and the instance environment variable

* HBase write samples and test cleanups

* rename to folder to snippets

* Add copyright to pom.xml

* Cleaning up some of the existing files

* POM touchups
Latest commit ae88f82 Jun 18, 2019
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