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Collecting Docker Log Files with Fluentd and sending to GCP.

This directory contains the source files needed to make a Docker image that collects Docker container log files using Fluentd and sends them to Stackdriver Logging.

This image is designed to be used as part of the Kubernetes cluster bring up process. The image resides at Google Container Registry under the name gcr.io/google-containers/fluentd-gcp.


The image is built with its own set of plugins which you can later use in the configuration. The set of plugin is enumerated in a Gemfile in the image's directory.

In order to configure fluentd image, you should mount a directory with .conf files to /etc/fluent/config.d or add files to that directory by building a new image on top. All .conf files in the /etc/fluent/config.d directory will be included to the final fluentd configuration. You can find details about fluentd configuration in the Fluentd documentation.

Command line arguments to the fluentd executable are passed via environment variable FLUENTD_ARGS.