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crimsonfaith91 and enisoc Support status subresource and ObservedGeneration (#102)
* WIP: Support status subresource and ObservedGeneration

* address feedback

* shift subresource info to APIResource

* use O(N) method to register subresources

* address feedback

* change bgd test to test against metadata.generation
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sync.js Support status subresource and ObservedGeneration (#102) Oct 23, 2018


This is an example CompositeController that implements a custom rollout strategy based on a technique called Blue-Green Deployment.

The controller ramps up a completely separate ReplicaSet in the background for any change to the Pod template. It then waits for the new ReplicaSet to be fully Ready and Available (all Pods satisfy minReadySeconds), and then switches a Service to point to the new ReplicaSet. Finally, it scales down the old ReplicaSet.


Deploy the controller

kubectl create configmap bluegreen-controller -n metacontroller --from-file=sync.js
kubectl apply -f bluegreen-controller.yaml

Create a BlueGreenDeployment

kubectl apply -f my-bluegreen.yaml
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