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crimsonfaith91 and enisoc Support status subresource and ObservedGeneration (#102)
* WIP: Support status subresource and ObservedGeneration

* address feedback

* shift subresource info to APIResource

* use O(N) method to register subresources

* address feedback

* change bgd test to test against metadata.generation
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This is a reimplementation of StatefulSet (now including rolling updates) as a CompositeController.

CatSet also demonstrates using a finalizer with a lambda hook to support graceful, ordered teardown when the parent object is deleted. Unlike StatefulSet, which previously exhibited this behavior only because of a client-side kubectl feature, CatSet ordered teardown happens on the server side, so it works when the CatSet is deleted through any means (not just kubectl).

For this example, you need a cluster with a default storage class and a dynamic provisioner.


Deploy the controller

kubectl create configmap catset-controller -n metacontroller --from-file=sync.js
kubectl apply -f catset-controller.yaml

Create a CatSet

kubectl apply -f my-catset.yaml