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Vitess Operator

NOTE: The Vitess Operator has moved to its own repository, and is now maintained by the Vitess project.

This is an example of an app-specific Operator, in this case for Vitess, built with Metacontroller.

It's meant to demonstrate the following patterns:

  • Building an Operator for a complex, stateful application out of a set of small Lambda Controllers that each do one thing well.
    • In addition to presenting a k8s-style API to users, this Operator uses custom k8s API objects to coordinate within itself.
    • Each controller manages one layer of the hierarchical Vitess cluster topology. The user only needs to create and manage a single, top-level VitessCluster object.
  • Replacing static, client-side template rendering with Lambda Controllers, which can adjust based on dynamic cluster state.
    • Each controller aggregates status and orchestrates app-specific rolling updates for its immediate children.
    • The top-level object contains a continuously-updated, aggregate "Ready" condition for the whole app, and can be directly edited to trigger rolling updates throughout the app.
  • Using a functional-style language (Jsonnet) to define Lambda Controllers in terms of template-like transformations on JSON objects.
    • You can use any language to write a Lambda Controller webhook, but the functional style is a good fit for a process that conceptually consists of declarative input, declarative output, and no side effects.
    • As a JSON templating language, Jsonnet is a particularly good fit for generating k8s manifests, providing functionality missing from pure JavaScript, such as first-class merge and deep equal operations.
  • Using the "Apply" update strategy feature of CompositeController, which emulates the behavior of kubectl apply, except that it attempts to do pseudo-strategic merges for CRDs.

See the Vitess Operator repository for details.