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Common solutions and tools developed by Google Cloud's Professional Services team
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Professional Services

Common solutions and tools developed by Google Cloud's Professional Services team.

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The examples folder contains example solutions across a variety of Google Cloud Platform products. Use these solutions as a reference for your own or extend them to fit your particular use case.


The tools folder contains ready-made utilities which can simpilfy Google Cloud Platform usage.

  • Agile Machine Learning API - A web application which provides the ability to train and deploy ML models on Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine, and visualize the predicted results using LIME through simple post request.
  • Apache Beam Client Throttling - A library that can be used to limit the number of requests from an Apache Beam pipeline to an external service. It buffers requests to not overload the external service and activates client-side throttling when the service starts rejecting requests due to out of quota errors.
  • AssetInventory - Import Cloud Asset Inventory resourcs into BigQuery.
  • BigQuery Discount Per-Project Attribution - A tool that automates the generation of a BigQuery table that uses existing exported billing data, by attributing both CUD and SUD charges on a per-project basis.
  • BigQuery Query Plan Exporter - Command line utility for exporting BigQuery query plans in a given date range.
  • BigQuery Query Plan Visualizer - A web application which provides the ability to visualise the execution stages of BigQuery query plans to aid in the optimization of queries.
  • CloudConnect - A package that automates the setup of dual VPN tunnels between AWS and GCP.
  • Cloudera Parcel GCS Connector - This script helps you create a Cloudera parcel that includes Google Cloud Storage connector. The parcel can be deployed on a Cloudera managed cluster. This script helps you create a Cloudera parcel that includes Google Cloud Storage connector. The parcel can be deployed on a Cloudera managed cluster.
  • Cloud AI Vision Utilities - This is an installable Python package that provides support tools for Cloud AI Vision. Currently there are a few scripts for generating an AutoML Vision dataset CSV file from either raw images or image annotation files in PASCAL VOC format.
  • DNS Sync - Sync a Cloud DNS zone with GCE resources. Instances and load balancers are added to the cloud DNS zone as they start from compute_engine_activity log events sent from a pub/sub push subscription. Can sync multiple projects to a single Cloud DNS zone.
  • GCE Quota Sync - A tool that fetches resource quota usage from the GCE API and synchronizes it to Stackdriver as a custom metric, where it can be used to define automated alerts.
  • GCP Architecture Visualizer - A tool that takes CSV output from a Forseti Inventory scan and draws out a dynamic hierarchical tree diagram of org -> folders -> projects -> gcp_resources using the D3.js javascript library.
  • GCS Bucket Mover - A tool to move user's bucket, including objects, metadata, and ACL, from one project to another.
  • GKE Billing Export - Google Kubernetes Engine fine grained billing export.
  • GSuite Exporter - A Python package that automates syncing Admin SDK APIs activity reports to a GCP destination. The module takes entries from the chosen Admin SDK API, converts them into the appropriate format for the destination, and exports them to a destination (e.g: Stackdriver Logging).
  • Hive to BigQuery - A Python framework to migrate Hive table to BigQuery using Cloud SQL to keep track of the migration progress.
  • LabelMaker - A tool that reads key:value pairs from a json file and labels the running instance and all attached drives accordingly.
  • Maven Archetype Dataflow - A maven archetype which bootstraps a Dataflow project with common plugins pre-configured to help maintain high code quality.
  • Netblock Monitor - An Apps Script project that will automatically provide email notifications when changes are made to Google’s IP ranges.
  • Site Verification Group Sync - A tool to provision "verified owner" permissions (to create GCS buckets with custom dns) based on membership of a Google Group.


See the contributing instructions to get started contributing.


All solutions within this repository are provided under the Apache 2.0 license. Please see the LICENSE file for more detailed terms and conditions.


This repository and its contents are not an official Google Product.


Questions, issues, and comments should be directed to

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