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DEPRECATED: Google App Engine Flexible Environment Python Compat Runtime

This repository contains the source code used for the App Engine Flexible Environment Python Compat (multicore) runtime, corresponding to env:flex + runtime: python-compat in your app.yaml. This runtime provides best effort compatibility with applications written to target the App Engine Standard Environment with Python 2.7. This runtime is deprecated and incomplete.

Using this runtime

Do not use this runtime for new development. If you are using this runtime, you should expediently migrate to the vanilla Python runtime before November 2017.

Gunicorn configuration

By default the multi-process version of the runtime is launched via the Gunicorn webserver and is configured to use gevent-based concurrency and a number of processes equal to the number of CPU cores available.

This can be changed by creating a file called in your application's root directory, which will override the default included with this project. Refer the gunicorn documentation for details.


This runtime is deprecated and incomplete. Only critical bug fixes are planned.


  • Handlers in app.yaml that are flagged as login: required or login: admin are not supported. Attemping to access these handlers will result in a 404 as the handlers will not be registered.
  • threadsafe: false in app.yaml is ignored. Your application must either be threadsafe or you much change the gunicorn configuration to use sync workers.
  • Deferred TaskQueues are not functional.

There may be other features that are not implemented or not functional in this version.

Contributing changes