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ecrowdus and nnegrey Python Text-to-Speech "Speaking addresses with SSML" tutorial (#2255)
* initial tts ssml commit. TODO readme, tests

* added formatting comments to src

* working on tutorial files

* fixed readme

* fixed block comment syntax error

* made 4-space tabs

* more stylistic spaces and newline at end of file

* more spaces

* fixed block comments

* fixed ambiguous variable name

* still fixing style issues

* more formatting changes re: PR review

* renamed tests file to align with GCP convention

* refactored tests to unit tests

* removing obsolete testing files

* fixing Linter bugs

* fixing spacing Linter bugs

* per Linter, removed excessive blank lines

* nailed down final two blank line linter bugs

* fixed all too-long lines except for tests

* fixed newline typo in special character audio test case

* Linter should be good to go. Fixed final lines-too-long error

* more Linter errors :)

* line continuation indent fix for Linter

* experimenting with line continuation indent to make Linter happy

* fun with line continuation indentation

* removing outdated example.mp3 file

* organizing repo. adding resources directory

* removing pesky example.mp3 file

* adding both tagged and un-tagged examples

* fixing copyright spacing

* auto-generated readme

* whoops. forgot to add new readme.

* generalizing HTML ampersand replacement

* standardizing main

* consolidating example directories

* cleaning up repo & refactored tests

* fixed indentation in tests

* cleaning up resources

* cleaning up

* updated ampersand in resource files

* added html python3 support

* removed trailing whitespace

* Refactored tests for pytest

* Refactored tests for pytest

* Lint

* removing unneccessary test

* removed test docstrings

* consolidated test ssml

* deleted test mp3 file

* actually consolidating example ssml

* more consolidation

* consistency check for example ssmls

* removing tagged examples

* removed None checker in ssml_to_audio
Latest commit 696a1cf Jul 11, 2019
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cloud-client Update beta samples to GA (#2008) Feb 22, 2019
ssml_addresses Python Text-to-Speech "Speaking addresses with SSML" tutorial (#2255) Jul 11, 2019
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