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A web e-commerce demo app showcasing serverless capabilities of Google Cloud Platform.
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Serverless Store: Google Cloud Platform Serverless Demo Application

Serverless Store is a Google-provided web e-commerce demo app where users can list, browse and purchase items. It is designed to showcase serverless solutions on Google Cloud Platform, including Google App Engine, Google Cloud Functions, Google Cloud Pub/Sub and many more.

Serverless Store is not an official Google product.

The project features:

  • Fully Serverless Architecture

    The Serverless Store demo is built completely on Google-managed services, from app deployment to the database backend. It scales automatically, requires no server management at all, and costs only when you use it.

  • Event-Driven Design:

    Many workloads in the Serverless Store demo are triggered by events, such as user actions (e.g. submitting an order) and system notifications, delivered via Cloud Pub/Sub. This design makes workflow automation easier than ever, and enables auto-entry, persistent logging, and many more features in the app.

This project integrates the following Google products/services:

Category Product/Service Description
Serverless Computing Google App Engine App-based fully managed serverless platform
Serverless Computing Google Cloud Functions Function-based event-driven serverless platform
Storage Google Cloud Firestore Fully managed serverless NoSQL document database
Storage Google Cloud Storage Object stroage with global edge-caching
App Solution Google Firebase Mobile/Web development platform
Data Analytics Google Cloud Pub/Sub Scalable data/event ingestion service
Data Analytics Google BigQuery Fully managed scalable data warehouse with built-in machine learning support
Data Analytics Google Data Studio Data visualization tool
AI and Machine Learing Google Cloud AutoML Custom machine learning model training service that requires no machine learning expertise
AI and Machine Learing Google Cloud Vision Pretrained machine learning model for image insights
AI and Machine Learing DialogFlow Human-computer natural language conversation solution
Management Tools Google Stackdriver Logging Logging solution for applications everywhere
Management Tools Google Stackdriver Monitoring Monitoring solution for applications and services
Management Tools Google Stackdriver Tracing Performance bottleneck discovery tool
Management Tools Google Stackdriver Error Reporting Error identification and reporting tool
Developer Tools Google Cloud Build CI/CD solution
Smart Home Google Assistant AI-powered virtual assistant
Business & Collaboration Google Sheets Collaborative, extensible online spreadsheets for home and enterprise users.

Architecture Overview



💡 Serverless on GCP: an Introduction with Serverless Store is a step-by-step guide for setting up this demo.



Conferences featuring Serverless Store

Google Cloud Global Digital Conference 2019.

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