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@theacodes theacodes released this Sep 13, 2016
· 7 commits to master since this release
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This is the first release of this project under the new maintainers.

Breaking changes:

  • Removed all deprecrated items.
    • webapp2_extras.config, replaced by WSGIApplication.config.
    • webapp2_extras.local_app, replaced by automatic behavior provided by webapp2_extras.local.
    • webapp2_extras.sessions_memcache, moved to webapp2_extras.appengine.sessions_memcache`.
    • webapp2_extras.sessions_ndb, moved to webapp2_extras.appengine.sessions_ndb.
    • webapp2_extras.users, moved to webapp2_extras.appengine.users.
    • return_multiple argument to Request.get, replaced by Request.get_all.
  • Updated most dependencies while attempting to maintain backwards compatibility.
  • Added dependency on six.

Other changes:

  • Provisional support for Python 3 (#117)
  • Made codebase compliant with pep8.
  • Various documentation link fixes.
  • Send request headers (cookies) with abort=True requests too. (#112)
  • webapp2_extras.appengine.auth.models.User.validate_token now returns UserToken or None instead of True/False. (#109)
  • Fixed various issues that prevented the package from being built.
  • Removed the experimental directory.
  • Switched test runner to py.test and added coverage reporting.
  • Removed vendored-in third-party libraries used for testing.