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chanseokoh Upgrade Java 8/11 to 8u222/11.0.4 (from 8u212/11.0.3) (#388)
* Migrate to work with Python 3

* Fix Python incompatibility

* Upgrade Java from 8u212 to 8u222

* Upgrade bazel

* Fix build

* Update Java 11 from 11.0.3 to 11.0.4

* Fix truncated SHA
Latest commit fa0765c Jul 25, 2019

Documentation for

Image Contents

This image contains a minimal Linux, OpenJDK-based runtime.

Specifically, the image contains everything in the base image, plus:

  • OpenJDK 8 ( or 11 ( and its dependencies.


The entrypoint of this image is set to the equivalent of "java -jar", so this image expects users to supply a path to a JAR file in the CMD.

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