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Example projects containerizing with Jib

Please file an issue if you find any problems with the examples or would like to request other examples.

For examples on using Jib Core, see jib-core/examples.

Simple example

See helloworld for containerizing a simple Hello World application.

Multi-module example (DRAFT)

See multi-module for containerizing projects with multiple modules.


See vertx for containerizing Eclipse Vert.x applications.

Spring Boot example

See spring-boot for containerizing a Spring Boot application and running it on Kubernetes.

Ktor example

See ktor for containerizing a Ktor Kotlin Application using the Kotlin Gradle DSL.

Dropwizard example

See dropwizard for containerizing Dropwizard applications.

Micronaut example

See micronaut for containerizing a Micronaut framework Groovy/Java application.

Java agents example

See java-agent for launching with the Stackdriver Debugger Java agent.

Kafka Streams example

See cricket007/kafka-streams-jib-example for containerizing a Kafka Streams application.

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